Gratitude, we’re doing it wrong.

In the spirit of festivities we give thanks for the array of blessings presented. While I thoroughly enjoy receiving the texts conveying gratitude for me and smiling in the face of abundant thankful Facebook posts, I ponder their absence the remainder of the year.

Why express thankfulness solely every fourth Thursday of November? Morally speaking, show gratification every day, correct?

I challenge you to change your outlook to one perceived in an essence of mindfulness. Rejoice, and give thanks for waking up; thank your mom for making breakfast; let him/her know the happiness from seeing them today; pray and express your thanks for another beautiful day in this wonderful life.

Be thankful for every blessing (most of which often overlooked and forgotten). After weeks of constant gratitude, I promise you’ll see the light differently; you’ll be more grateful, less worrisome. Materialistically, it leaves you craving less, and leaves you recollecting more on your divine fortune.

2 thoughts on “Gratitude, we’re doing it wrong.

  1. And write it down! Make a gratitude journal, and it will remind you of all the blessings we tend to forget in a negative world. Even if it’s just being grateful that your daughter didn’t drink all the coffee this morning, it’s surprising how much we have to be thankful for. Namaste.


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