Feeling stuck? This might be the answer…

Tending to resemble a simplistic, routine order of operations, our days unfortunately begin with something we have done, consist of something we have done, and end with something we have done. We claim to “live life to the fullest,” but truly, how extraordinary are our lives? As many of you ponder, I deny saying that we don’t absolutely love and cherish our existence and the blessing within it, but I am claiming that a point of comfortability, when reached, acts synonymous with not truly living our lives to the maximum capability that we acutely identify ourselves of doing. It’s when we journey outside the comfort zone and assume risk, that we experience a new definition of the “fullest” we desire. It begins with trying something new, adventuring somewhere different, or simply speaking to someone unfamiliar. Step your foot into the doorway of unconventionality; see where the hallway of different takes you.


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