Just focus.

Ever find yourself lacking attention in a conversation, lecture, video, or reading? Fluctuating like a volatile market or the emotions of a 15-year-old girl in high school, the degree of focus pertaining to a matter either captivates with the utmost attention, truly indulging us, or leaves us contemplating everything else surrounding us.

Remember the last time someone or something enlightened you, grasping your attention in such a sheer, absolute manner? Fathom the possibilities if you could control that focus at will. Paramount focus, not only to our greatest passions, but in the affairs of socialization, learning, and the daily business of life, allows immense opportunistic circumstances when applied.

Focus on your job; focus on school; focus on your project; focus on your relationships; focus on your future. There are different remedies for different levels of growth, but whatever the essence, focus in any direction is critical and crucial to progress.