Develop a Passion.

The clock shows 10:42PM on a Saturday night. A friend sits to the left of me, tirelessly grinding away at the bureaucracy of applying to her dream school; another friend sits to the right of me, painstakingly refining the third draft of his research paper covering global diplomatic affairs. Choosing to “stay in,” we forfeit the chance to either go out or go to sleep. Going against the stereotypical Saturday night of our peers, why exactly do we work through the long hours, chipping away at homework and self-educating on all there is to offer? Perhaps our passions differentiate between the standard, party-chasing student; perhaps we’ve become fond of the happening of learning; perhaps this is our passion. It’s not an ambition to skip going out with our friends, but an ambition for self-actualization– thriving to develop personally and professionally, doing what needs to be done, as we reach for our goals.

That’s what drives me; that’s what drives us. I have no problem prioritizing my efforts, working the late night and early dawn hours, and, when necessary, standing alone to fulfill my vision.

What’s your passion?