The Retrospective Perspective

Live in the moment– that’s where life happens. An experience nonetheless, but what if you relive the moment a second time? Analyzing, writing about, or explaining gives the opportunity to undergo that moment again– in retrospect– sometimes proving more beneficial than before.

We learn from our decisions and the experiences that result. Exhilarating at the time, some of the moments never receive a second thought. We live in the moment, captivated by the immediate illusion in front of us, but if we take the extra second to reflect, you see the light for what it truly is. From a retrospective perspective you truly grow and mature. Take the accumulation of the high and low points of my life…

High points accompanied by confidence, satisfaction, cheers, and congratulations rebalance the disappointments of low points consisting of shame, defeat, malevolence, and demoralization, living each instance emotionally and thoroughly. Yet, in retrospect, I see the history of me and how I’ve progressed. I see the moments of prevalence; I see the moments of vanquish. Every happening that challenged my ability to either stay hopeful or stay humble, when analyzed in retrospect, tell me who I am. How did I get there? How did I act? How did I grow from thereon? Did I learn from it? Did I mature from it?

“A retrospective perspective grants you the ability to learn once again from preceding experiences– through this vantage you see what was meant to be seen.”