Next time, show them a smile.

I find it odd, that on Valentine’s Day, I discern more depressed posts on Facebook concerning not going out for the evening than posts expressing joy for whom they intimately have in their life right now. I see people constantly stress over “that cute girl” or “that hot guy” that 80% of people I know cannot muster up courage to speak to him or her. I walk around my campus and watch people put forth the conscious effort not to make eye-contact with anyone not familiar.

Intrigued, I wonder why, in the generation of the most social atmosphere ever presented in the history of mankind, we find ourselves captivated by what the screen eighteen inches from our face presents, instead of the probable like-minded souls and relationships waiting to happen. Of course, I do occasionally find myself at fault for partaking in such an act, yet, I shame myself at missing the chance of meeting someone new and expanding my personal network– perhaps missing out on a meaningful relationship with an ordinary stranger.

I strive to present a social, outgoing demeanor; you should as well.

Put the phone down when conversing; speak to them through consistent eye-contact, the utmost attention, and of course, an endearing smile.